The New European Bauhaus Place-Based Initiatives Award
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Support to New European Bauhaus Local Initiatives

Please consult the applicants’ guidelines for the additional information you might need to complete this form.
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1. Project title

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2. Short description of the idea

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3. Applicant information 

Applicant category

Please choose one of the three possible categories of public authorities applying.
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  • for category 2 - of the main authority applying
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Population size

  • for category 2 - of the main authority applying
  • for category 3 - of the most populous local authority among the ones comprised by the public entity applying
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Legal status of the authority applying

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  • equivalent in English, if available
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Department/organisational entity responsible for the application

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Contact person

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Contact e-mail

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4. Double funding

Have you already received or are you already receiving support from the EU that is similar to the support provided through this call?

If yes, please indicate in the comment box the name of the support you have received or are receiving.
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5. Data of the infrastructure element or public area to be reconverted

  • key data, incl. denomination, type
  • geodata
  • link, if available

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6. Action areas

Which of the four action areas does your project cover?

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7. Please describe your idea and specify how the design of your project will allow you to pursue it effectively. For example:

  • the intent of the project, the challenges it tackles
  • the main steps envisioned to do so
  • the prospective project team, incl. skills profile of the project lead
  • reflections on options to secure financial viability
Max. 4000 characters (including spaces). Note that some information about your project might be best placed in one the following fields. Please highlight if the evaluators should additionally refer to any of the documents submitted in section VI (e.g., "See main milestones in 'Envisioned project timeline'."). 
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8. Sustainability

Please describe the ambition of your project to address ecologic sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of human activities and/or to re-connecting with nature. For example:

  • Reduction of the use of resources and curbing pollution 
  • Advancing circularity, carbon neutrality and eco-design
  • Implementation of nature-based solutions
  • Promotion of economic activities respectful of the limits of natural resources
Max. 1500 characters (including spaces); bullet points encouraged.
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9. Aesthetics

Please describe the ambition of your project to address the dimension of aesthetics by valuing beauty and promoting aesthetical value beyond mere functionality in infrastructure elements or public spaces. For example:

  • Through style and design
  • Through spatial context valorisation to increase sense of belonging and place-based pride
  • Through increased quality of sensorial and emotional experience
Max. 1500 characters (including spaces); bullet points encouraged. 
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10. Inclusion

Please describe the ambition of your project to promote inclusion as its result. For example: 

  • Through actions that valorise diversity, equity, and social inclusion
  • Through actions that support vulnerable groups
  • Through actions that promote Design For All priniciples, increase accessibility, affordability, and togetherness

Max. 1500 characters (including spaces); bullet points encouraged.

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11. Benefits for the area of location

Please describe how your project would benefit the hosting communities and contribute to tackling the specific structural challenges of your area. If applicable:

  • Please indicate, if the project is anchored in any existing local or regional plan or a wider territorial strategy.
  • Please indicate whether this plan or strategy is linked to the European Regional Development Fund or any other EU initiative (providing respective links, if possible).
  • Please indicate, if your project transcends administrative borders or otherwise fosters cooperation across administrative units.
Max. 2000 characters (including spaces); bullet points encouraged.
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12. Replicability

Please reflect on the potential of solutions, lessons and experiences of your project to be applied in other locations. For example:

  • If the challenge addressed has a Europe-wide relevance
  • If the resources needed for the implementation of such projects can be found in other local context
  • If the project can be scaled up

Please also indicate whether you will be willing to share original project documentation as open source.

Max. 1000 characters (including spaces), bullet points encouraged.

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13. Please describe how the project aims to ensure broad participation of partners and stakeholders as well as contributions of different areas of expertise, disciplines and policy.

  •  Please specify what groups should be included, in what way and in which phase of the project.

  • If applicable, indicate which actors have already been involved and how.

  • A specific focus should be on the users of the infrastructure element or public space and on “hard-to-reach” groups. 

Max. 3000 characters (including spaces). 
Please name specific actors in your description (e.g. “Department for Space Planning”, not “public administration”; “Association of Local Hotel Businesses”, not “private sector”). Please use the possibility to provide additional information by uploading supporting documents on stakeholder participation under "17. Supporting documents" and highlight such uploads in this field (e.g. "see additionally 'Stakeholder mapping'").
Please consult the applicants’ guidelines for more detailed information on document uploads.

14. Mandatory: Visual documentation of the status quo

  • photos of infrastructure element or public site in question
  • additionally, if available: schemes

Please upload one PDF file of max 10 MB.

15. Mandatory: Letter of support by the political representative of the applying competent public authority

Please download the letter as MS Word document.

Please fill it out, have it signed by the relevant political representative and upload it as PDF in this field.

16. Mandatory: Self-declaration form

Please download the form as MS Word document

Please fill it out, sign it and upload it as PDF in this field. 

17. Supporting documents

Please submit any of the following documents in one PDF of max 15 pages and 12 MB.

  • Timeline with milestones (MS Excel template available here, if required) 
  • Visual draft, prototype or scheme of future design or any other document showing how the object should be reconverted 
  • Documents pertaining to stakeholder participation, e.g.:
    • schematic stakeholder mapping (MS PowerPoint template available here, if required)
    • any relevant decisions or declarations of intent by key actors (e.g., neighbours, schools, youth associations, artists, university, business associations) 
    • documentation of participation processes that have already been conducted (e.g., public consultation, citizen dialogue formats)
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Unless you have disclosed your name, the European Union, represented by the European Commission, has no obligation to share your name when using or disseminating your contribution to the public.